There are a couple of ways to purchase our product.
A large portion of what we sell is through the Adirondack Grazers Cooperative. This is an organization Frye’s Angus Beef was a founding member of and is very active in certain northeast markets.

We also have product we sell privately as “Freezer Beef”. This product is cut, wrapped in heavy gauge “Cryovac” and frozen at a local USDA (U. S. Department of Agriculture) licensed facility, where our beef is “aged” for 14 days to enhance the tenderness  and taste we work so hard to produce.  We typically box this either in “Halves” or “Mixed Quarters”.  A “Mixed Quarter” represents not a front or hind quarter, but 25% of the animal so that each customer gets a full blend of cuts.
Steaks: Sirloin, London Broil, T- Bone, Rib, Chuck, Flank
Roasts: Rib, Bottom Round, Chuck, Brisket, along with Short Ribs, Stew Meat and the Best Ground Beef you are likely to ever taste.

Based on customer feedback, a typical Family of four will use “Half” in about a year.  We currently have several Empty Nest couples that buy a        “Mixed Quarter” to last them a year. Storing our product only requires a small chest freezer available from any home or appliance store. This process insures you of great tasting, healthy beef all year by simply going to your pantry freezer.

Mixed quarters average 110 pounds of cut and wrapped meat.
We offer a discount on “Halves” and frequently have specialty cuts available at per piece pricing.

Please contact us regarding current pricing, delivery options and the availability of specialty items.​

Purchasing Our Product

Frye's Angus Beef