Frye's Angus Beef

Naturally Raised  & Pastured Grassfed Beef

As the labels “Organic”, “Grass Fed” and “All Natural” have been diluted by industry opportunist it has become increasingly important to know the true source of our food.  To encourage our low stress environment, an all natural and locally grown blend of forages is used to train and feed our animals.  As a result our animals are not driven or prodded but willingly come when called. 

We encourage customers to know our farm and the principals governing how we produce our product.  We believe it makes a difference.

All our animals are:

  • Born and raised on pastures and family produced hay free of pesticides, herbicides or chemical contaminants.
  • Tested at birth for any condition that would compromise herd health or food safety.
  • Kept with their mothers through the first winter of their life.  We believe the mother is best able to convert the hay and grass they are fed to the energy and protein (milk) necessary for healthy growth. 
  • Free of artificial hormones and antibiotics.
  • Free to graze and grow to their full natural potential.