About Frye's Angus Beef

Frye's Angus Beef

Owner: Betsy Frye

Manager: Drexel Frye

After a lifetime of interest in dairy and beef farming the Frye family bought Liddlefield Farm in 1999.  Besides the joy of working together in such a beautiful environment the intent has been to develop pure bred Angus cattle to be processed and sold to discriminating buyers.
The seed stock for our herd was purchased from a certified organic breeder in Vermont.  From the day they came on the property they are and will remain a “closed herd”.  This policy provides a low stress and consistently healthy environment and 100% traceability. 

 In pursuit of this philosophy Liddlefield Farm joined NYSCHAP. (New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program)  This program certifies cattle welfare, health, food safety and environmental stewardship based on a defined protocol and on site inspections. Additionally Frye’s Angus Beef  is certified by the New York State, Beef Quality Assurance Program (BQA).  The BQA program focuses on educating and training cattle producers, farm advisors, and veterinarians on the issues in cattle food safety and quality.  It also provides tools for verifying and documenting animal husbandry practices.